508 Park isEncore

Steven Johnson



Steven Johnson, grandson of Robert Johnson, stands in front of 508 Park where his grandfather recorded. He came to help us celebrate the groundbreaking for the amphitheater which will be next door to 508.




Mission Statement for 508 Park

508 Park is an innovative outreach program of The Stewpot and the First Presbyterian Church of Dallas that seeks to bring together people of all cultures and faiths through dialogue, education, music, and art.

508 Park is a landmark building at the crossroads of the past and the present that works to transform lives.

508 Park is a multi-use facility with a music academy, a recording studio, a concert amphitheater, a rooftop terrace, a community garden, the Open Art Program, and the Museum of Street Culture.

The Museum of Street Culture features permanent and rotating exhibitions that link the growth of blues, jazz, country and other styles of vernacular music with the living history of tramp, hobo, and homeless art.

The Open Art Program provides opportunities for  homeless and at-risk individuals to improve the quality and enjoyment of their lives by developing and expanding  their creativity.

The Community Garden provides individuals with access to a space for plants and herbs.

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What do politics, food, and music have in common?

Join Pat Bywaters of the Project Committee for Encore Park/508 Park and Art Greenhaw of the Light Crust Doughboys to find out. They are the celebrity chefs at the State Fair of Texas on October 7 at 4:30 pm. Stop by the Maytag Celebrity Kitchen in the Creative Arts Building for a taste of The Light Crust Doughboy's famous Texas Tea Cakes developed by Governor W. Lee (Pappy) O'Daniel, and learn more about The Stewpot's vision for restoring 508 Park, where music history was made in the 1930s.